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Secrets to Effective Meditation Revealed - Afternoon

  • St. Mark's Episcopal Church 910 E 3rd Ave Durango, CO (map)

Tried meditation and gave up?
Do you feel your spirituality is blocked (or plugged up) and you have difficulty advancing?

Everyone agrees that meditation would be helpful in many ways. There is a recognized need for relaxation and getting centered. A whole new world opens up when your mind is relaxed and you can sense (or feel) more.

Isn't it about time you experienced the benefits of meditation and start living the life you want and reduce stress? In this innovative seminar you will learn

  • Why you have difficulties meditating
  • Four different meditation methods
  • How your ESP Style affects your ability to meditate
  • Different types of meditation to use throughout the day
  • Three common pitfalls to effective meditation
  • Simple breathing technique before any meditation
  • How meditation guides you to deeper insights into angels, life purpose, life after death, hunches, and healing.

To successfully navigate life there is a need for inner meditative relaxation and unique spiritual living insights. Everyone agrees that consistent meditation has positive benefits.

Meditation is needed to attain an inner calm with life and release undue stress. Unique Spiritual Living Insights are needed to better interpret life and make effective decisions once the inner calm is attained. Profound Mystical Meditation combines both of these areas into a comprehensive, highly effective method.

Program Info:
Registration Fee: $15.00
Location: St. Mark's Episcopal Church - 910 E3rd Ave, Durango