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Orientation Counseling Profile


1 1/2 hours

This is a private one-on-one session. During this session you will learn the basic facts of your spiritual communication system:

* Your Four Avenues of Spiritual Perception or Gifts ( Intuition, Vision, Prophecy, Feeling) and the way they work in your inner communication system-from your first gift, your primary avenue of spiritual perception to your second, third and fourth gifts, your secondary avenues of perception. 
* Your spiritual sensitivity, how much you have unfolded and how you are using it for yourself. 
*Your angels/guides/spiritual helpers: how many are on your team, and their vibration ( male or female) * A special technique for establishing, clear, two-way communication with your team of angles. This technique is only taught through this profile and is a pre-requisite for many advanced workshops and programs. With this profile, you will have empowering tools to expand your communication with your angels or spiritual helpers.      
  *You will learn a practical tool for raising your vibration.
The Connect With Your Inner Guidance Workbook is a comprehensive, practical guidebook helping the individual learn to have a direct communication with their team of angels. It will give you a deeper understanding of your spiritual, psychic gifts of vision (clairvoyance), intuition (clairaudience), prophecy (trance) and feeling (healing). 

Swing Update


1 Hour - Receive an update to your Orientation Profile.

Orientation Update spiritual profile is an expansion of the 1001 orientation profile. It helps you refine your spiritual communication system. Discover your percentage of unfoldment of your gifts and learn which of your gifts are stable and which have a tendency to swing, or vary, in percentage when you encounter pressure. 

Prerequisite: Orientation Profile

Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile


1 1/2 Hours - Expand your awareness of your inner guidance, & learn your life thrust to enhance your own life with more meaningful direction. 

Discover your Spiritual Thrust!

What will I discover about the angels helping me in this life time?

  • Who each were in their last lifetime
  • What they did during that time
  • Where they were born, lived and visited.
  • When and how they can assist you the most
  • Why you contracted with these Master Souls
  • How they help you with your life thrust

The session will create a complete picture of your personal life journey and the backing of these spiritual helpers!

Prerequisite: Orientation Profile

Blockage Discovery Profile 


1 Hour - Discover one of the blocks holding you back.

In this profile, you will discover and identify patterns in your life which are holding you back from fulfillment and success. These patterns are usually the result of experiences you had early in life which you did not understand at the time. You will discover ways to live your life more clearly based on your true feelings rather than interpretations you were taught to accept.

Prerequisite: Orientation Profile

Chakra Profile (Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System)


1 Hour - Learn the balance of your Chakras and receive a therapy technique to align.

This profile allows you to clarify your relationship between the spiritual and physical natures of your life. It is a profile of the seven spiritual energy centers which will help you understand the flow of energy in each chakra. It also includes a personal growth program so you can increase the level of energy flowing through your personal chakra system. 

Prerequisite: Orientation Counseling Profile and Blockage Discovery Profile

The Depth Therapy (Chakra) Profile


1 Hour - Focused and indepth therapy for one of your chakras.

This profile focuses on one of the glandular centers and explores the unconscious attitudes and feelings you have in that area to uncover a stronger sense of security in each glandular area. 

Prerequisite: Orientation Counseling Profile, Blockage Discovery Profile and Chakra Profile

Spiritual Compatibility Profile

$180 ($90/person)

2 1/2 Hours - Develop a more productive relationship

This profile is designed for two people who desire crystal clear communication to develop a closer business or personal relationship. 

Prerequisite for each: Orientation Counseling Profile, Blockage Discovery Profile, and Chakra Profile